Getting Insurance after a Drink Driving Ban

Getting insurance after being caught drink driving can throw up some unexpected costs, namely in the price of your insurance rising, which is why many people who have received a conviction for a DUI related offence apply online for a Convicted Driver insurance online quote in the hope they can get a good offer on a Convicted Driver insurance policy. Indeed, Convicted Driver insurance may be the only way someone who is classed as a drink driver, after a DUI, will be able to get an affordable insurance policy. Being convicted of a DUI can obviously be classed as unforeseen circumstances and after receiving your licence back and the unexpected costs that can incur, getting a Convicted Driver insurance online quote may be the way to introduce some normality back into your life.

Why Is Insurance So High After a DUI Related Conviction?

If you have been caught drink driving, and have told your insurance company, like you legally should, you’ll notice the price you’re required to pay has gone up. Similarly, if you’re coming back from a drink driving ban you will be faced with unexpected costs relating to the price of your insurance. This will lead you to looking for Convicted Driver insurance as you will likely be priced out of regular Car insurance, that is if your regular Car insurance provider will even cover you after a drink driving ban. This is because insurance companies that don’t offer Convicted Driver insurance, don’t want to insure people who have been convicted of a DUI as the risk of insuring a convicted drink driver is too high.

Does Completing a Rehabilitation Course Get Me A Better Convicted Driver Insurance Online Quote?

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland most people convicted of a DUI or any other type of drink driving offence will have the chance to complete a rehabilitation course, which the court will offer you at the time of your sentencing. As long as you haven’t received a custodial sentence you should have an offer to complete one. Completion of a rehabilitation course will allow you to get a better offer for your Convicted Driver insurance, as Convicted Driver insurance companies usually offer discounts for completed courses. You may also see a reduction to your driving ban, if you received one.

Other Ways to Get the Best Offer on Your Convicted Driver Insurance

Completing a Rehabilitation course isn’t the only way you can increase the chance of finding good offers for Convicted Driver insurance. After completing an online quote several times with different types of car you’ll soon see what the price of insurance could be if you change what you drive. Whilst it might be frustrating downgrading your car, it could save you a lot of money on your Convicted Driver insurance online quote. There are, of course, other ways you can get a lower price for your Convicted Driver insurance when you apply online. Lower mileage, Named Drivers with a good driving history and storing your car off the road at night will also improve the price of your insurance.

Get a Convicted Driver Insurance Online Quote

One piece of advice for drink drivers looking to get a quote is to apply online, as looking for an online quote for Car insurance can help you get a quicker indication of price than other methods. When looking for a Convicted Driver insurance online quote you could consider using a comparison site, as you can easily see what type of cars could get you a cheaper online quote, therefore you are able to easily see what your final price could be for each type of car you are considering buying, following your drink drinking/DUI conviction. However, it is wise to always speak to an expert such as a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker, who will know exactly what you can do to get the best price, while getting the level of cover you want, as they will likely have access to specialist rates not available through mainstream standard Car insurance providers.


If you’re looking for insurance following either a drink driving conviction or a ban because of a DUI then you’ll be frustrated by the unexpected costs thrown up after being convicted of drink driving. That’s why it’s important to give yourself the best chance of getting a reasonable Convicted Driver insurance online quote. Using the advice above you should be more clued up on how to lower the price of your premium. Whilst a rehabilitation course might not be offered to every motorist convicted of drink driving, being considerate of what car you drive and the mileage you do are both things you do have full control over.